Genoox technology

The software, services and support you need to transform your genomic needs


  • Raw Sequencing Data
    Secured and Flexible genetic data upload
    • Direct upload
    • Sequencing integration
    • Cloud integration
    • Genoox API
  • primary analysis
    primary analysis
    Rapid data processing (Genoox GQL®) for analyzing vasts amount of patient's data
    • Supports all relevant sequencing platforms WGS, WES, and panels
    • Built-in quality systems ensure accurate indexing
  • secondary analysis
    secondary analysis
    Precise bioinformatics pipeline (Genoox ATP®) detects structural variants & snp mutations with a low false discovery rate
    • Preset analysis templates for routine testing of family analysis, prenatal, tumor, and case control
    • Multiple variant calling and validation techniques
  • tertiary analysis
    tertiary analysis
    Robust annotation engine accessing hundreds of constantly updated knowledge bases
    • Genoox Relevance Evidence Scoring (Genoox RES®) based on artificial intelligence technology for surfacing and prioritizing only relevant pathogenic variants (Based on ACMG guidelines)
    • Genoox Genomic Query Tool, enabling users to search according to specific disease, gene or variant.
  • clinical management
    clinical management
    Flexible engine handles complex plate workflows. Enabling users to customize their organizational workflow, user permissions and process management. No need for new systems or disruption of existing data flows.
    • Genoox internal repository employing a proprietary data structure, allowing organizations to create their own internal genomic repository
  • clinical reporting
    clinical reporting
    Genoox clinical reporting wizard - Integrated automated clinical reporting tool.
    • Customized, patient friendly reports
    • Data Sharing -Selectively sharing genetic variant information within the organization or with external stakeholders


Highly accurate interpretation

Structural, SNV, indel variant detection
for somatic and hereditary diseases
Exceptional determination
of pathogenic driver mutations, including automatic classification by level of evidence
Fast & accurate raw data analysis
variant calling and annotation. Less noise results in confident calls
Automated and validated
built-in quality systems

Rapid & comprehensive discovery

Proprietary search engine
simplified data mining correlates millions of internal and external medical data sources, both public & private
Advanced classification engine
follows ACMG and AMP guidelines for all mutation types
Near real-time data searches
ensure the latest medical findings, compares current and historical data sets
Direct matching, semantic, and other search techniques
ensure complete searches
Proprietary data structure
compressing genomic data by up to 90%

Secured, long-term secure cloud storage

Clinical grade security
comprehensive security, privacy and compliance framework
HIPPA compliant
historical and group meta data comparisons
Version controlled data
tools, and pipelines
Verified Secure (SSL) data transfer
role-based control and sharing authority
Immediate retesting or investigation
without reloading data. It’s there when you need it

Fully integrated one stop solution

Streamlined Integrated Workflow
No human intervention is needed
“plug and play” application
Based modules reduce cost, time, complexity of building your clinical NGS program
Complete integration to existing systems.
You provide the sequencer, we do the rest
Complete End-to-End
Single solution for analysis, classification, interpretation, and reporting
Up To Date
Data from dozens of sources aggregated, organized and constantly updated

Ultra fast, automated process

"Plug & Play"
Start analyzing instantly
Rapid Analysis
Cut analysis time from hours to days or minutes
Immediate patient care
Summarizing relevant, clinically actionable data
Patient centric
Creating clinical reports and recomondations on the spot

Simple to use

Intuitive dashboards
Including graphical illustrations
All user types
No need for extensive training or genomics background
Fully customizable pipeline
Instantly tailoring the pipeline and workflow
Preset modules
Guiding throughout the entire analysis process
Put Genoox to work for you


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