Genoox works with leading Genetic sequencing laboratories, clinical providers, personalized medicine centers and medical experts, providing advanced end-to-end genomic analysis, management and delivery of genomic insights through a secure cloud platform.

In parts, or as a whole, we cover the complete genomic analysis workflow providing innovative tools helping you perform deep analysis, streamline operations following ACMG guidelines and improve clinical outcomes without the need for developing new systems or disrupting existing organizational data flows.

We make it easier for you to operate more efficiently and with better patient outcome by implementing advanced data structuring techniques optimized for genetic data empowered by a robust query engine that screens millions of public and in-house data points. We deliver a full set of customizable reporting tools that can be shared with patients, other providers or physicians, providing graphical and rich coverage, enhanced statistical metrics, multiple views and approaches and gene-level decision support for physicians.


Find the unknown - FASTER


Power tools for exploratory analysis


Seamless workflow integration


Insightful interpretation - Delivered.


Compliance and Regulations

Seamless workflow integration

We enhance complex workflows by seamlessly integrating with existing pipelines, and eliminating the need for costly infrastructure. Our tools include: Intuitive user based classification, attribute tagging, conflict resolutions, permissions and standardized compliance measures (HIPAA-and CLIA).

Find the unknown – FASTER

Stay on top of data volumes – Our platform stores genomic data in a queryable, proprietary data structure to reduce cost and complexity and aggregate millions of public data points to provide meaningful insights within seconds.

Power tools for exploratory analysis

Delivering a fully customizable bioinformatics pipeline from the sequence level to a report enabling more informed decisions

Organizational Workflow Tools

Flexible engine to handle complex plate workflows, enabling users to classify variants, including: EMR Integration, Historical database integration, Data tagging, Clinical Interpretation Documentation and Classification Conflict Resolution

Multiple Variant Callers

Combining advanced analytical tools, integrated content and numerous variant callers

Robust Annotation Engine

Variants are annotated using hundreds of data sources, from simple annotation such as a gene name to clinical evidence data

Whole Exome and Whole Genome Analysis

Support out of the box multiple analysis by type designed specifically to assess and include both snp mutations and structural variants

Data Validation

Against both public and private datasets

Insightful Interpretation - Delivered

Providing a full set of automated and customizable, lab-branded reporting tools including graphical and rich coverage, enhanced statistical metrics, multiple views, approaches and gene-level decision support for physicians.

Compliance and Regulations

Securely delivering encrypt knowledge to clinicians, complying in accordance with international standards: HIPAA, CLIA, GCP, 21 CFR parts 11, 58, and 493, European Data Privacy laws and regulations


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