Build Your Own Virtual Assay

Enhance your brand by making personalized medicine your competitive advantage

Genoox makes it easy for ANY laboratory to design, validate, and run its own NGS panel tests. We offer user-friendly, cost-effective, and advanced analytical tools to manage the computational demands of data processing, variant classification, and clinical reporting, to get your test up and running, FAST.

Customize virtual panels to suit your needs and SOPs

Our built-in virtual validated genetic test modules allow “plug-and-play” analysis, or advanced users can design their own custom virtual genetic tests, so that laboratories can expand genetic testing and reporting capabilities without costly infrastructure investment–– all in a HIPAA-compliant environment

the genoox advantage

You build the test, we simplify the process

Instantly create and curate testing panels to speed reporting

Easily adapt to changing market needs and requirements

Cost Effective
Apply standardized laboratory protocols to ensure scalable accuracy and consistency

Utilize a full END-TO-END process from raw data collection to the delivery of clinically actionable insights

Put Genoox to work for you


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