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What is the Genoox platform?

Who can use the Genoox platform?

What type of genetic disorders can be tested with Genoox?

How can I start using the Genoox Platform?

What type of analysis can I run on the Genoox platform?

How can Genoox save me time?

How can Genoox reduce my analysis costs?

What are the system requirements to run the Genoox platform

How secure is my data?

How is your pricing?

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What data can I upload to the Genoox platform?

What types of analysis can I perform on the Genoox platform?

Can I upload files from an external FTP?

Can I add extra information about my projects and patients?

Platform Tools

Can I share my data?

How do i create a customized report?

What is the Genoox search engine?

What is the internal frequency?

What is the Genoox classification engine?

How can organizations collaborate and share information?

What variant calling techniques are applied?

How do users apply panels?

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