The software, services and support you need to transform your genomic needs

The Genoox Professional Service Team understands that achieving your desired outcomes requires executing a cohesive plan across people, process and technology. Working together with our clients we deliver expert knowledge, creative thinking and advanced technological tools, closing the data science gap and bear any genomic challenge.

Implementation & Integration

Our experienced team of consultants will help you refine your process and will recommend the best way to implement the system taking into consideration full integration to existing workflows, systems and databases.

Workflow & Data enhancement

Providing tools and processes for better utilization of new genomic data insights, clearer processes and guidelines leading to better and faster results.


A dedicated team of Genoox Professional Services experts can help manage processes, and activities to ensure faster results. Working in collaboration with existing teams to maximize value and resolve issues.


Multiple training options including “train the trainer”.

From project inception through implementation and beyond, our team partners closely with you to develop and implement a solution tailored to your business demands


Our customers benefit from a high degree of investment protection comprising of the following key advantages:
Well-established knowledge base
Providing a wide range of genetic professional services for multiple customer types
Expertise and proven methodology
Ensuring on-time and on-budget implementation of best practices
Delivery of high-quality genomic applications
Ensuring turnover time will be reduced to a minimum
Customer-oriented delivery team
Working as your partner for success
Single comprehensive vendor
Delivering all required tools and integration needs
Reduced costs and risks
Guaranteeing optimum return on investment
Put Genoox to work for you


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