Shape the Future
of Precision Healthcare

We strongly believe that the right information in the right
hands atthe right time yields better healthcare solutions.
To bring this vision to reality, we collaborate with like-minded
partners to make healthcare truly data-driven, to break down
data silos, and to nurture knowledge sharing among healthcare professionals.

Our partners

Genoox has specific interest in oncology, rare diseases, cardiology, women’s health and pediatrics. We partner with healthcare providers, payors, genomic sequencing companies, biopharma companies and research institutes to help realize our vision of data-driven medicine - because robust disease characterization based on aggregated, multimodal data is what enables truly personalized care throughout the treatment journey.

Why partner with us?

At Genoox, we believe in the power of collaboration. We build long-term relationships that create unique value in genomic insights, data modality analysis and interpretation, clinical trial matching, and access to innovative technologies. Our partnerships focus on acceleration of clinical research and precision medicine discoveries.

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