Genoox provides advanced, big data pharmacogenomic tools tailored for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We connect patient health and genomic information detecting hidden signals and complex relationships that are generally missed by traditional analyses. Our platform stores historical genomic data in a proprietary data structure aggregating millions of public and in-house data points, providing meaningful insights in seconds.

Our comprehensive approach helps to maximize organizational efficiency by driving drug discovery, diagnostic development, and the clinical trial participant selection, faster and more accurately.

Drug Discovery – Providing gene therapy analysis tools that assure safe, long-lasting treatments for disease – We compare the genomes of those who respond well to those who do not to identify candidate genes and variants that can influence drug efficacy.

Clinical Trial Support – Robust genome analysis and classification of patients likely to benefit from new drugs – We work with researchers creating analysis templates that automatically process the DNA sequence variants from each individual and quickly identify the patients with variants or mutations in genes of interest for a clinical trial.

We provide an end to end data-driven ecosystem. Our cloud based platform and dynamic modeling provides organizations full flexibility to address changing requirements and eliminates the need for costly infrastructure investments.


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Fast, Efficient, Dynamic

Access more data

The Genoox Query Engine was created by applying modern cloud computing technologies designed to support large databasing information against thousands of genomes. The range of data types supported, ease of querying and robust scalability of the underlying cloud-based technologies allow us to handle ever-growing genome sequence database challenges and provide meaningful insights in seconds.

Uncover the full picture

We use both data mining and advanced data fusion techniques to process and interpret genomic data leading to a coherent picture

Highly Accurate Alignment and Variant Calling

Combining advanced analytical tools, integrated content and numerous variant callers.

Genoox Classification

Classification Engine based on ACMG guidelines and unique rules developed by our research team.

Robust Annotation Engine

From simple annotation such as a gene name to clinical evidence data, variants are annotated using hundreds of data sources including: ClinVar, GWAS Catalog, dbSNP, OMIM and many more.

Pathogenicity Frequency and Scoring

Variant severity impact assessment based on multiple public genetic frequency databases and multiple scoring schemes.

Discover more - Your way

We apply a full customizable bioinformatics pipeline delivering a simple and intuitive workspace and a flexible engine to handle complex plate workflows. It enables users to classify variants including: EMR Integration, historical database integration, data tagging and clinical interpretation.

Share and Report

Genoox provides automated reporting tools covering Genes, Exons and Transcripts and targeted regions, leveraging extensive curated knowledge bases, comprehensive analysis, insightful interpretation, and precise reporting. Generated reports can be branded, customized, viewed, printed, and shared with management, fellow researchers or technical leads.

Fast, Efficient, Dynamic

Our platform provides an end to end data-driven ecosystem that is cloud based and applies dynamic modeling. We offer organizations full flexibility by addressing their changing needs and requirements and eliminating the need for costly infrastructure investments.


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