Genoox enables Genetic Sequencing Labs to expand their service offering and increase brand value by providing detailed clinical interpretation directly to customers.

Genoox provides a fully customizable complete platform for transferring, managing and interpreting genomic data on the cloud, delivering advanced tools to enhance operations,  transfer data more efficiently, reduce storage space, automate interpretation and provide detailed recommendations.

Our platform is cloud based and scalable according to growing needs. We seamlessly integrate to existing processes and workflows,  allowing users to manage, analyze, and deliver sequencing data and results without the need for complicated and costly infrastructure investments.



Up to 10x faster data transfer


Expand your offering


Meaningful insights in seconds


Seamless, Customizable and Flexible


Growing with your needs

Up to 10x faster data transfer

We provide a faster way to deliver sequencing data and results applying multiple upload techniques and proprietary data transfer protocols that leverage your existing infrastructure achieving speeds that are hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP.

Expand your offering

Expand and increase the value of your services by providing your customers with the most advanced bioinformatics tools, customized interpretation reports and gene-level decision support for physicians.

Meaningful insights in seconds

A proprietary queryable genomic data structure, reducing genomic data files up to 85% of its original size increasing efficiency and providing meaningful insights in seconds

Customized bioinformatics pipeline support

Combining advanced analytical tools, integrated content and numerous variant callers

Robust Annotation Engine

Utilizing hundreds of data sources, from simple annotation such as the gene name to clinical evidence data

Whole Genome Analysis

Taking the extra step in classifying structural variants

Quality Control

Validation against thousands of private and public datasets


Integrating existing workflows with a simple and secured API

Custom branding

Providing a full set of automated and customizable, lab-branded reporting tools including graphical and rich coverage, enhanced statistical metrics, multiple views, approaches and gene-level decision support for physicians.

Growing with your needs

We provide cost-effective, flexible, configurable, cloud infrastructure tools allowing you to seamlessly manage, analyze, and deliver sequencing data based on your growing needs.


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