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Genoox for Clinical Genetics

From raw data collection to the delivery of clear and timely clinical reports

clinical Applications

hereditary and clinical genetics

hereditary genetics

hereditary genetics

Genoox offers advanced Hereditary Genetics analysis

Genoox supports single genome, trio, and family analyses for rapid assessment of germline variants diagnostics for rare disease applying WGS, WES and panel-specific analysis causative genomic alterations for the detection of hereditary and pediatric disorders. Genoox provides rapid identification and classification of relevant pathogenic variants according to ACMG guidelines.
cancer risk assessment

cancer risk assessment

cancer risk assessment

Genoox for acquired disease; Cancer

Interpreting and streamlining the complete workflow for use of molecular data in a clinical setting, enabling oncologists to use complex genomic data in novel ways to refine oncology patient treatment strategies and improve outcomes.
pharmagenomics testing - GENOMIC DATA -clinical genetics


drug response predictions

Genoox offers an advanced Pharmacogenetics testing

Enabling clinicians to understand a patient’s unique genetic makeup and select therapies with fewer side effects, optimize drug dosing and assess personal disease risk.
carrier screening - clinical genetics

Carrier screening

Carrier screening

Genoox offers an advanced carrier screening solution

Designed to make it simpler for any laboratory to provide high precision, preconception screening and family planning utilizing our fully automated platform.
Our flexible approach offers comprehensive WES screening as well as more limited panels for the most common hereditary disorders depending on the needs of the clinic.
Newborn screening applications provide clinicians early and actionable results to expedite care of children exhibiting dysmorphic features at birth.

Clinical insights through quality data

Genoox manages the entire genetic sequencing process from raw data collection to the delivery of clinical actionable insights. Genoox creates value for clinicians by translating complex genetic data into specific insights that can be shared with the patient. Reports are written in clear, easy to understand language that does not require special bioinformatics/genetics training. The Genoox built in virtual validated genetic tests modules will allow “plug and play” for diseases diagnosis, as well as allow advanced users to design their own custom virtual genetic tests if desired.

our customers

carrier screening - clinical genetics
carrier screening - clinical genetics
carrier screening - clinical genetics
carrier screening - clinical genetics
carrier screening - clinical genetics

the genoox advantage

Rapid identification and classification
uncovering relevant pathogenic variants according to ACMG guidelines applying proprietary artificial intelligence technology (G-RES®)
Precise bioinformatics
relying on less depth of coverage, resulting in significant reagent cost savings (G-ATP®)
Built-in quality control
ensuring accurate, targeted patient care
High throughput
panels, exomes and whole genomes
Rapid processing engine (G-GQL)
for quick analysis and responsive diagnoses
Customizable reporting
to be shared with physicians or patients
Secure and compliant
HIPPA compliant programs

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Organizations are using Genoox to resolve old cases which were not possible to date, resulting in a confident, actionable diagnosis for patients.
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