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Genoox for Oncology

Oncology Applications

disease screening - Oncology applications



Genoox offers advanced preventive tools

Genoox offers a full range of WES to single gene platforms designed for oncologists to determine risk assessment for a variety of inherited cancer risk genes

Clear, easy to read clinical reports simply patient/physician discussions
companion diagnostic prediction - Oncology applications

Companion diagnostic markers

Companion diagnostic markers

Genoox offers advanced diagnosis tools

We help identify and confirm the existence of a cancer and distinguish between benign and malignant disease, as well to support the diagnosis or in follow-up of patients being treated for cancer
cancer risk assessment - Oncology applications

Therapy response prediction

Therapy response prediction

Genoox offers advanced predictive tools

There are increasing numbers of drugs and treatments for cancer that are given based on genetic biomarkers. In addition, there are somatic mutations, also known as resistance mutations that can cause a drug to be ineffective. Based on the genetic profile of the tumor, the clinician is capable to offer the best personalized treatment for each patient.
disease progression management - Oncology applications

Disease progression management

Disease progression management

Genoox offers advanced prognostic tools

Prognostic markers can evaluate the patient’s overall outcome such as the probability of cancer recurrence after treatment, as well as to determine the progress of the disease. These markers help the clinician evaluate the patient’s status and decide of best treatment based on his prognosis

better accuracy in detecting cnv and sv mutations

The assessment of somatic variants is crucial for cancer diagnostics, companion diagnostics, and target selection in drug development. The Genoox platform scales and enhances the ability to produce actionable insights from the latest scientific literature, clinical trials, and conference proceedings.

the genoox advantage

Rapid analysis
for timely diagnosis and treatment
Best practices
following AMP, NCCN & ASCO guidelines
Accelerated identification
SNV’s, CNV’s, and SV genomic alteration
Comprehensive support
supporting all relevant sequencing platforms (WGS, WES, and panels, both disease state & custom)
Multiple analysis mode
tumor only, paired normal-tumor or tumor-blood/tissue analysis
Proprietary algorithms
enabling quality results with low DNA sample volumes as often seen with FFPE - without loss in accuracy
Customizable reporting tools
to be shared with physicians and patients
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