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Genetic testing plays a growing role in everyone’s health and wellbeing. Working closely with clinicians, more patients are making informed, proactive health decisions based on insights generated by Genoox.

Genoox Research Applications

An end-to-end approach to population genomics >
Faster screening,
faster reporting >
Robust cohort
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An end-to-end approach to population genomics

Genoox helps health systems and research institutions across the globe accelerate the integration of genomics into clinical care - facilitating novel genetic discoveries and improving patient care.

Faster screening,
faster reporting

Genoox facilities more rapid screening and reporting of risk-associated variants – helping clinicians inform and guide their patients more accurately.

Robust cohort

Genoox enables research on patient cohorts, helping identify new risk-associated variants and impacting health policies,

Why Genoox for Healthcare Systems?

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