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pharmaceutical & research applications



Genoox offers advanced GWAS capabilities

Examining correlations in and between different groups composed of different patients/samples, enabling users to compare between multiple patient groups, case vs. control and drug response analysis


patient profiling

Genoox offers advanced clinical trial profiling

Providing a better understanding of patient responders, clearer criteria to enrich trial for subjects with minimal known genetic risk factors and the use of genomic profiles to Investigate and restore "failed trials”

drug repositioning

drug repositioning

Genoox offers advanced drug repositioning tools

Discovering new indications for existing drugs with known safety profiles, enhancing treatment in a disease of interest by incorporating publicly available pharmacological, biological, and chemical data applying advanced analysis tools to sift through the data and perform virtual screens that uncover previously unrecognized connections between a drug, target, and disease



Genoox offers advanced drug target studies

Transforming pharmacogenetic test results into concise, actionable insights to improve healthcare and spare patients from ineffective treatments and avoidable side effects for drugs used in cardiology, psychiatry, neurology, pain treatment, oncology, and more

Enhancing research with robust genomic analytics

The assessment of somatic variants is crucial for cancer diagnostics, companion diagnostics, and target selection in drug development. The Genoox platform scales and enhances the ability to produce actionable insights from the latest scientific literature, clinical trials, and conference proceedings.

the genoox advantage

Rapid identification and classification
Quick identification of disease-causing variants and biomarkers (G-RES®)
sensitive modeling
Ultra sensitive statistical modeling for more accurate bioinformatics (G-ATP®)
Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS)
Rapid processing engine
Rapid processing engine (G-GQL®) for quick analysis and responsive diagnoses
data repository
Establishment of long-term genomic data repository
Reporting and data sharing tools
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