Over the past decade, NGS focused gene panels, clinical and whole
exome have emerged as reliable and cost-effective solutions to diagnose
and characterize rare, inherited diseases and tumors. Genoox helps laboratories enhance their brand with personalized medicine – enabling any lab to design, validate, and run its own NGS panel tests. Our user-friendly, cost-effective,
and advanced analytical tools manage the computational demands of data processing, variant classification, and clinical reporting - getting your test up and running, fast.

Workflow for Any Need

Genoox’s built-in virtual genetic test modules allow “plug-and-play” analysis, or empower advanced users to design their own custom tests. This enables laboratories to expand genetic testing and reporting capabilities without costly infrastructure investment – all in a HIPAA-compliant environment.
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Rare & Inherited

Genoox conducts single genome, trio and family analyses for assessing germline variants found in rare diseases. The platform prioritizes potential causative genomic alterations in hereditary and pediatric disorders from WGS, WES and gene-panel specific analysis platforms. It does this by rapidly and confidently identifying and classifying pathogenic variants according to ACMG guidelines, and matching clinical evidence with patient phenotypes.


Genoox simplifies laboratory processes, facilitating the use of high-precision preconception screening and family planning. We work with various vendors on a variety of gene panels and provide full solutions that cover the entire spectrum - from carrier screening through newborn genetic testing.


Genoox delivers clinically actionable recommendations by identifying and reporting rare mutations. We do this using a dedicated workflow that encompasses a large database of known disease-associated genetic abnormalities from single or heterogenetic backgrounds linked to cardiomyopathies.


Genoox streamlines workflows for utilizing molecular data in a clinical setting, and enables use of complex genomic data in novel ways to refine oncology patient treatment strategies and improve outcomes

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