Using the largest open genomic community, Genoox is able to build the most diverse and updated database that can enhance BioPharma and life sciences development teams with real life evidence. Leveraging both our community platform data and proprietary data through our AI/ML-powered genomic analytics capabilities, we help customers solve bottlenecks across the biopharma value chain, including through discovery, clinical development and commercialization stages.

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Clinical Trials Optimization

One of Pharma’s greatest pain points is managing clinical trials efficiently. Genoox optimizes the design, planning and enrollment of clinical trials – stratifying participants based on genomic profiles and observed therapeutic response, using specific gene panels as well as a whole exome or genome sequencing. Our platform users can locate participants based on precise cohort specifications, such as the presence or absence of a genetic mutation, and generate evidence-based data which stands up to the rigors of prospective clinical trials.


Genoox helps life sciences researchers identify variants that are significant drivers of disease and that can potentially impact toxicity and efficacy for individual patients. We take into account complex family pedigrees and enable advanced prediction of disease progression -ultimately accelerating regulatory approval by focusing first on sub-populations with specific genetic dispositions.

Diagnostics (CDx)

We are witnessing a steady growth in the number of regulatory approvals for therapies linked to companion diagnostic assays in oncology and other disease areas. Today, these CDx assays are typically used in a centralized model in which healthcare institutions lose access to their samples and data, hence can suffer from poor turnaround times due to logistical issues. We believe that in the future CDx assays will become increasingly decentralized which will drive further testing uptake at scale and enable faster turnaround times. We offer strategic and operational support for biopharma CDx programs. Biopharma customers can leverage our capabilities to develop genomic variant detection and identification solutions with high accuracy and precision, as well as our ability to decentralize such CDx solutions at scale through our decentralized platform.

Case Control

Genoox enables drug developers and clinicians to screen patients for marketed and in-development targeted therapies by examining complex correlations within and between analysis groups comprising diverse patients and samples.

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