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Community. Data. Insights.

In the Actionable Genome™, technology and data are symbiotic. That's why the Genoox Insights platform marries cutting edge AI-powered technology with the world's largest, most diverse real-world genomic evidence dataset.

Our growing community of genetic experts input genetic data, clinical outcome, and patient reported data

Our community driven AI engine, compiling static datasets with real-time curated data drawn from a professional community for better clinical insights

Our insights Help guide clinical decisions, determine accurate care pathways and enable targeted therapies and flow back to the community to improve outcome

System Users


Biopharma companies streamline drug development processes by optimizing clinical trial candidates and focusing on high-impact subpopulations

Clinical Genetics

Clinicians increase diagnostic yield and provide better guided treatments for their patients

Healthcare Systems

Payers and HMO's use data-driven genomics to make healthcare more accessible for members

Secure and Private

Our cloud based platform is highly secured and fully HIPPA and GDPR compliant.

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