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Portfolio of Solutions

Through our diverse and growing community, Genoox accumulates the most relevant data base and delivers actionable, real-world genomic insights that impact lives, improve clinical outcomes, and shape the business of healthcare.

Our solutions are changing the face of genomics, and include:

Clinical Genetics

Genoox uses the power of its community and combines public data with community data to streamline the path from DNA sample to clinical report – impacting patient care by making genomic data accessible and actionable at the point of care.

Rare and Inherited Diseases

Reproductive health

Virtual Panels


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Genoox enhances research and life sciences companies by providing an insight platform derived from real world data and evidence and powered by our community with robust genomic analytics – helping researchers simplify complex genomic data and make impactful discoveries using the most advanced genetic tools and applications.

Clinical trials optimization

Drug discovery

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Genoox helps Biosystems companies such as DNA sequencing companies and Reagent providers to bundle its state of the art genomic engine with dedicated assays and instruments to bring a comprehensive solution for companion and clinical diagnostics. Enabling any lab to enhance their brand with personalized medicine – by designing, validating, and running custom NGS panel tests with user-friendly, cost-effective and end-to-end analytical tools.

Workflow agnostic

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Healthcare Systems

Genoox’s Platform provides a comprehensive solution for healthcare systems applications to investigate genetic variants on a wide scale in large population studies and countrywide genomic projects, streamlining access and newfound insights from genetic data via predictive modeling for evidence-based treatment protocols.

Cohort Analysis

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