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Genoox uses the power of community to make genomic data actionable

Our mission is to create the largest real world evidence network of genomic and clinical data.

Impacting Lives at the
Point of Care

Our genomic insights are based on
real-world evidence that is fused with publicly available data, impacting lives by making genomic data accessible and actionable at the point of care.

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Actionable Genome

Harnessing the power of community,
we are building the world’s largest, most diverse real-world evidence dataset to answer any genomic question.

The Power of

Our community of users, the data
they share, and our powerful interpretation engine create actionable genomic insights that guide clinical decisions, accelerate care pathways and enable targeted therapies.

For Experts By Experts

Deployed in 44 countries & 1700 organizations

What is the
Actionable Genome?

The Actionable Genome is where real-world genomic insights change the way clinicians help patients, and where actionable insights guide clinical decisions and enable more targeted therapies.

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The Genoox Technology

Our indication agnostic data platform delivers accurate insights driven by our community of clinical users, Franklin. The real-world evidence we produce enhances clinical decision-making, fine-tunes care pathways and enables more targeted therapies.

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Meet Franklin

The World’s First Open Professional Genomic Community

Created for professionals, by professionals, Franklin is the world’s first open genomic community. Our users leverage our vendor-neutral, workflow-agnostic platform to create data insights across the genomic value chain.

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